They were immediately separated by teammates referee, the conflict did not upgrade, each eating a technical foul trouble. On the scene, in fact, Dion rushed to the McKee behind, a little regret, just a little bit back to the hands of the hands, looks a bit funny. After the game in the locker room talking about this thing, Green and even against a reporter, imitated a Dion this aggressive step forward but casually so push the posture, people can not help laughing. While the side of the McKee is still a look of cynical cool phase. It seems to have a chance to win the past compared to the fiery wheat base, the Warriors version of the big barley Keke cooked a lot. Warriors vs the sun, the top of the list at the end, 12-game winning streak on the 12-game losing streak. Durant has not come back, but the recent state of the Warriors has been quite hot. This wave of 12 consecutive victories, they beat a number of teams Brian Johnson Jersey, the current and the second West Spurs between the difference between the field to reach 3 Steve Selsky Jersey.5 games, locked the top position in the West is only a matter of time Kyle Martin Jersey. In contrast, the sun is dull, see who losers, this wave of 12-game losing streak also let them go beyond the Lakers, back to the bottom of the western position Jackie Bradley Jr Jersey. Warriors this time against the underdog, the team will be 13 points for the sword. The Celtics beat the Knicks for two straight victories and won nine games in the last 11 games. But for tomorrow's game, the Celtics also choose to look light. "This is another game, I think we have to treat this game in this way." Little Thomas said, "Knight is the defending champion, the world knows to rush out of the East must have a knight off this Should be a great game, everyone will be ready.