On the other hand, the team played against the Maple Leaf team so that they survived Angels Jersey, but the game back and forth against the team, if not in regular time or overtime to beat the opponent, the team will miss the playoffs Jefry Marte Jersey, so the Lightning team is bound to fight. Offensive end, the team a group of strikers recently brave, Nikita - Kuqa Luofu past seven games scored 5 goals sent 4 assists, partner Andre - Parat past eight games scored three goals sent 8 assists Austin Adams Jersey, teenager Braden - Boyle scored 4 goals sent 3 assists, especially in the beat Maple Leaf team game, he scored twice to help the team to seal the victory. Behind them, Jonathan - Joan recent performance of the same brave, the last 8 games scored 4 goals sent 4 assists, a number of frontal brave performance to the lightning team to the last stroke of the courage. Shark today is good news. According to NBC reporter Kevin - Cruze reported in California, Thornton's injury has improved: he has "no doubt ready to come back Vicente Campos Jersey." This news broke, the shark coach Joan Bo - Joel also confirmed cable Dayton and Logan - Kutour returned to the ice today. Thornton has now entered the daily watch list, the injury is not serious, while Kutuer also pay attention to protect their injured face. "It's not easy for me now, but I'm going to get used to it." It's my job, and I'm going to do it while protecting my wounds. "