Even if the eagle attack so bad, they still have the opportunity to enter the playoffs. To know that the offensive efficiency in the league after the ten teams, only the eagle is still the top eight in the district, thanks to their coach Boden Hallze. This is only the second season of Bodenholze as coach, but the division of Popovich, but he has established his own marshal status. This season in the case of grim situation Budon Holzer still with the eagle to keep the top eight in the east, he is like a top chef Carson Smith Jersey, even if the hands do not have too much material, but still able to make a good table dish. Now look, Budon Holzer in ESPN's coach list only ranked 11th really a bit low. In this short period of two weeks, the Nuggets and the pioneers for the eighth in the West, this valuable playoffs compete for intensified Tyler Thornburg Jersey, and the pelican game is the key: March 27, Nuggets at home Cousins ??was absurd in the case of fiasco pelican. That is, in the evening, the Nuggets will occupy more than two months west of the eighth position to let out Jackie Bradley Jr Jersey. According to the famous US data site FiveThirtyEight (538) was predicted that the Nuggets into the playoffs for the first time the probability of less than the pioneers (Nuggets 45% Rusney Castillo Jersey, pioneers 53%). March 29, the Nuggets guest Portland, the two teams directly contest. The process of stalemate, and ultimately the pioneer with Nuggets old Nurkiki and CJ McCormum's excellent play to grab a key battle, after this war, the Nuggets qualify for the playoffs plummeted to only 7%.