At the same time, he also questioned why the two sides did not continue negotiations, and pointed out that the final decision of the 2014 Winter Olympics was decided in July 2013. If the penguin agreed to let Malkin participate in the Winter Olympics, he will be expected with his companion Russian star Alex - Ovidijin and his capital teammate Yevgeny - Kuznetsov Carlos Perez Jersey, Dmitry - Orlo Husband side by side, these people also claimed that the earlier will play 2018 PINGCHONG Winter Olympics. 2016-17 season NHL regular season into the final fight, the current playoffs hope that the surviving Tampa Bay lightning team back to back guest Montreal, challenge the first Canadian Canal, the results by virtue of teenager Gerard's two goals, The Lightning team defeated Canadians 4: 2 Andrew Bailey Jersey, retaining the fears of the playoffs. Taormina this season for the Syracuse played 66 games Luis Valbuena Jersey, scored 14 goals, 42 assists, a total of 56 points, three data are the highest career. He tied for the first in the AHL defender standings and tied for the league with 29 points. At the same time, he also has a positive and negative value of +9 Ryan LaMarre Jersey, leading the incomplete team throughout the season in the North District, the first list of competitors.