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On the other hand

Le 9 April 2017, 06:42 dans Humeurs 0

On the other hand, the team played against the Maple Leaf team so that they survived Angels Jersey, but the game back and forth against the team, if not in regular time or overtime to beat the opponent, the team will miss the playoffs Jefry Marte Jersey, so the Lightning team is bound to fight. Offensive end, the team a group of strikers recently brave, Nikita - Kuqa Luofu past seven games scored 5 goals sent 4 assists, partner Andre - Parat past eight games scored three goals sent 8 assists Austin Adams Jersey, teenager Braden - Boyle scored 4 goals sent 3 assists, especially in the beat Maple Leaf team game, he scored twice to help the team to seal the victory. Behind them, Jonathan - Joan recent performance of the same brave, the last 8 games scored 4 goals sent 4 assists, a number of frontal brave performance to the lightning team to the last stroke of the courage. Shark today is good news. According to NBC reporter Kevin - Cruze reported in California, Thornton's injury has improved: he has "no doubt ready to come back Vicente Campos Jersey." This news broke, the shark coach Joan Bo - Joel also confirmed cable Dayton and Logan - Kutour returned to the ice today. Thornton has now entered the daily watch list, the injury is not serious, while Kutuer also pay attention to protect their injured face. "It's not easy for me now, but I'm going to get used to it." It's my job, and I'm going to do it while protecting my wounds. "

At the same time

Le 9 April 2017, 06:41 dans Humeurs 0

At the same time, he also questioned why the two sides did not continue negotiations, and pointed out that the final decision of the 2014 Winter Olympics was decided in July 2013. If the penguin agreed to let Malkin participate in the Winter Olympics, he will be expected with his companion Russian star Alex - Ovidijin and his capital teammate Yevgeny - Kuznetsov Carlos Perez Jersey, Dmitry - Orlo Husband side by side, these people also claimed that the earlier will play 2018 PINGCHONG Winter Olympics. 2016-17 season NHL regular season into the final fight, the current playoffs hope that the surviving Tampa Bay lightning team back to back guest Montreal, challenge the first Canadian Canal, the results by virtue of teenager Gerard's two goals, The Lightning team defeated Canadians 4: 2 Andrew Bailey Jersey, retaining the fears of the playoffs. Taormina this season for the Syracuse played 66 games Luis Valbuena Jersey, scored 14 goals, 42 assists, a total of 56 points, three data are the highest career. He tied for the first in the AHL defender standings and tied for the league with 29 points. At the same time, he also has a positive and negative value of +9 Ryan LaMarre Jersey, leading the incomplete team throughout the season in the North District, the first list of competitors.

Although this thing because

Le 9 April 2017, 06:40 dans Humeurs 0

Although this thing because the two sides trouble a little unhappy Ryan LaMarre Jersey, but Stevenson posture statement Keynan Middleton Jersey, he really wrong, and the Raptors want to apologize. "I was so excited, I wanted to apologize to them, I was not any malicious." And George is also more regret, that time he should not pass the ball to Stevenson, "this thing blame me Know that he will layup. "In fact, Stevenson is nothing wrong, he is his own control of their own. 5:30 pm, the Thunder locker room open to the outside world. Into the locker's locker room, Wei's little wardrobe and other teammates, but much more than others. Clothes classified, different colors of shoes placed neatly Reggie Jackson Jersey, perfume skin care products and all kinds of decorations are placed in an orderly way, it is difficult to imagine Wei Shao such a rough wild field killer will have such a delicate side. As usual Kaleb Cowart Jersey, Wei less in the dressing room after dinner wash finished, sitting alone in his chair while holding the headset to enjoy the music, while watching the big screen on the Bucks past game video. We come from a place and say that we are not far away. I remember that he was 6 times selected All-Star, in my seventh time into the All-Star, my heart idea is that I over him. From my career the third season, I continued into the All-Star, I think they go beyond him. When I personally won the MVP, I also think that beyond him. NBA today has a total of 11 games. Knight to demolish the magic; the Pacers hunting the Raptors; the Nets trapped 76 people; Wizards exterminate the Hornets; Nuggets win over the pelicans; the Knicks repelled the Bulls; Thunder Racing Bucks; Spurs plus Grizzlies; Pioneer; warrior win the Timberwolves; the king captures the calf.

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